Our Ministries

New Wine Church is partnering with Pastor Ian of Chestnut Hill Baptist Church in Lynchburg.

The Vision of Logos Church

To become a spiritual community of the body of Christ that will contextualize the gospel to reach out to the lost souls and disciple the converts, making ready the bride of Christ.

Our Support

We have donated funds to help with the construction of their church and to help support the living expenses of Pastor Logos so he can enter into full time ministry.

Their goal is to construct a church that will accommodate 100+ people for worship, discipleship, and fellowship for the edification of the body of Christ by 2022. Bible Church envisions having a self-propagating congregation that will extend to other locations by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Strategically, the church will build their first structure in the suburb in order to reach out to people in the village and those migrating to town. It is estimated that the population of the country will double in the next ten years. Population growth provides an opportunity for soul winning and through intensive outreach programs within the church location, many people will be reached with the Gospel and join the church.

We would love to encourage our congregation to be praying for the the work that God will do in Logos Church and through Pastor Logos and his staff. Please click on the newsletter to read about their most recent updates and prayer requests!

September 2022 Newsletter