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The "Prophetic Chamber" is a unique and powerful place where individuals gather to seek the face of God and hear His voice. It serves as both a compass and a destination for navigating in the realm of the Spirit for individuals and nations through the voice of God through worship, prayer, and intercession, a place where people engage in deep intimacy with the Lord and receive prophetic insight and direction for the nations

The Four Principles of the Prophetic Chamber


Worship is the central principle of the Prophetic Chamber, it is a way to connect with God and enter into His presence. Through worship, individuals in the Prophetic Chamber seek to glorify and honor God, as well as to set their hearts and minds on Him.


Prayer is the second important principle of the Prophetic Chamber. Through prayer, individuals in the chamber seek to align their hearts and minds with the will of God and to receive guidance and direction from Him. It is believed that prayer allows individuals to commune with God and to hear His voice.


Intercession is the third key principle of the Prophetic Chamber, it is a way to stand in the gap for others and to petition God on their behalf. Through intercession, individuals in the chamber seek to bring healing and restoration to individuals, communities, and nations.


Intimacy is considered to be the ultimate goal of the Prophetic Chamber. It is through worship, prayer, and intercession individuals can enter into a deeper level of relationship with God and experience His love, grace, and mercy more fully.

Spiritual Compass!

The Prophetic Chamber plays a crucial role in the Body of Christ by providing a deeper understanding of God's will and plans. Through worship, intercession, and prophetic revelation, individuals are able to align their hearts with God's and understand His purpose for their lives. It serves as a powerful tool for gaining insight into the will and plans of God, and it is essential for the church to continue to move forward according to the guidance of the Spirit.

Every 1st Saturday from 9am-12noon

Prophetic Chamber services are currently scheduled every first Saturday of the month from 9am to 12noon. This gives an opportunity to set aside dedicated time to seek the face of God and hear His voice through worship, prayer, and intercession. These services are also streamed live on Youtube on our New Wine Church Channel.

Join Us 1st Saturday Of Every Month

Interested in Volunteering?

The ministry of the Prophetic Chamber relies heavily on the dedication and support of volunteers to facilitate worship, prayer, and intercession for individuals and nations. Volunteering in the area of worship is a vital role in this ministry. As a worship volunteer, you may be responsible for leading or assisting with the music and worship during the Prophetic Chamber sessions. This can include playing instruments, singing, and encouraging others to participate in worship. In addition to leading worship, you may also be responsible for setting up and tearing down worship equipment, as well as coordinating with other volunteers in the worship team.

Volunteering in the area of worship is a great way to use your talents and abilities to glorify God and to support others in their pursuit of intimacy with Him. It also allows one to contribute to the uplifting of the spirit of the participants of the Prophetic chamber by creating an atmosphere of worship through the gifts you have.

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